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Digital Agility is a website design methodology that is rooted in agile software development and focuses on incremental release and optimization for page rank and conversion rate at every step in the design process. It is a better way to design websites, and will change the way businesses present themselves – one step at a time.

Digital Agility Manifesto

“We will tell the truth about progress, test results and estimates. We don’t accept, create, share or document excuses for failure because we plan to succeed. We don’t fear anything because no one ever works alone. We will adapt to and fully communicate changes whenever they happen.”

– Rojas Consulting LLC

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The World Is Our Studio

We are a virtually based company with headquarters in Jacksonville FL. Our team of web design experts work around the world to meet the needs of our international clients.


Success in digital marketing relies on matching the needs and wants of your ideal customers, and leading them down paths that conclude in a profitable action for the company. Our team has learned how to adapt this abstract digital marketing concept into a scientific based business methodology of design, experimentation, and optimization.  The process is implemented early and consistently into all of  our website projects.  The outcome is better performing websites, lower design costs, and faster website turnaround. Our process is scalable to organizations of all sizes and can be implemented into websites around the world.


We believe in doing a few things and doing them exceptionally well. Our unique approach to the digital design process is best suited for website design and digital marketing projects. We are well versed in the most common platforms and website systems including, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and custom coding for websites. We work with projects from scratch, at a rebranding point, and with individual landing pages.
About us

“Digital Marketing is not just pixels, sales and customers. It is where the fundamental questions of a business are asked and answered directly by the customers.”

-Carmen L Rojas MBA

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Our team

Our team consists of freelance subject matter experts that specialize in the digital marketing disciplines of content and copy writing, search engine optimization, graphic arts, website design, project management, website analytics, data science and more. Our work is based on scientific principals of experimentation and analysis and soars above the rest on creativity and ingenuity.

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